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1LOI Hydrolase date May 21, 1996
title N-Terminal Splice Region Of Rat C-Amp Phosphodiesterase, Nmr, 7 Structures
authors K.J.Smith, G.Scotland, J.Beattie, I.P.Trayer, M.D.Houslay
compound source
Molecule: Cyclic 3',5'-Amp Specific Phosphodiesterase Rd1
Chain: Null
Fragment: Residues 1 - 25
Synonym: Rnpde4a1a, Rat Type Iv Cyclic Amp Specific Phosphodiesterase, Isoform Subfamily A, Splice Variant 1;
Engineered: Yes
Synthetic: Yes
Organism_scientific: Rattus Norvegicus
Organism_common: Rat
Organ: Brain
methodNMR, 7 Structures
ligand NH2
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